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  • Original painting I remixed my images from. The painting is my rendering of Talib Kweli’s 2002 solo album quality.

8c7cd_fgyykvvuwjiqf7xkfnwscseso1_5001joshua_davis-718828joshua_davis1creativemindConnor McNa

April 27,2009

Introduction to Digital Art and Design

Artist Research Paper


Joshua Davis is a graphic designer that uses web based technologies to create extremely stunning visual artwork. Davis moved to New York in 1992 from Colorado to pursue a career in painting at Pratt, a respected art school in Brooklyn. While in school Davis experimented with new ideas to manipulate his artwork with forces that he had no control over such as throwing his work off his three story apartment,omegacode022283202816_871362ca99his pieces in the oven Davis reached a breakthrough. He Found that when heating the works to different temperatures the paint would make different size cracks when a  certain level of  degrees were reached, the idea of outside forces of randomness manipulating his work intrigued Josh’s work  greatly, and had a huge impact on the programs Josh uses to create his works today .

Joshua Davis often references Jackson Pollock’s work, although not a fan of his work Josh likes him more as an idea. Davis  liked  the idea of not having any control whatsoever of the outcome of artwork, but he did like having control over the original gesture in which it is created. Similar to Pollock and the way he would sling paint onto the canvas, although  he had no control over where the paint was going to go he did have control over the gesture  in which it was created. After moving away from painting and starting his new venture with technology  Davis states that one of the biggest obstacles that he faced was the inability to be able to make the computer draw in a way that he wanted.

With the program Davis has developed he is now capable of changing the integrity of the line in ways such as ink, spray paint, many other different ways that illustrator is unable to do . Josh was able to manipulate this line gesture method a step further by letting go of control and allowing the gesture of the lines take control. By executing random process to the line gesture an element of surprise is created throughout the work. This process allows Josh to create numerous works in a much faster time than manually working with the lines in illustrator.

Another interesting aspect Josh’s program has taken on is using math code mapping over an illustration or drawing. Somehow Davis managed to find a way  to create a route system out of a math drawn environment, and by embedding a drawing underneath this,  the code maps out the illustration which makes for a very cool effect. Josh also was able to take this element a step further by using external assets such as circles or small flowers to create the image using the same kind of mathematical mapping, similar to Chuck Close’s work of creating one larger image with thousands of smaller images or pixels. This idea of mapping drawings creates numerous possibilities not only for the image but also the external assets as well, you could literally create tons of identical images but each one would be different in some way because of the underlying assets.

Another way Davis creates his work is by using a series of grid systems with multiple rows and columns. He then starts with some sort of underlying structure such as a flower for example he then  uses this structure as the base by  adjusting it by size and randomness  and where the flower will be placed. Then by overlapping the flower a few times on the grid and running the program , a very interesting pattern and texture is created. Again by creating a single  image and running it through his system , awesome art is created very quickly, art that if created by hand would take forever.

  1. Finally Josh adds a lifespan, or in other words a time limit for how long the circles can move, so they do not just fill up the screen in their entirety. Ultimately the circles have three rules in which they abide which are speed, rotation, and indecision these are the main aspects that make up this series of the program. All of these aspects combined make up for an extremely unique style, but ultimately Josh’s goal is to map artwork using these processes. By adding his drawings to these environments again a totally original work is created that Davis feels he would never have been able to create on his own, but quite possibly the coolest aspect about this process is that Josh is able to create an infinite amount of compositions from single piece and never has to be satisfied with just one.

In the closing parts of Josh’s presentations he talks about his exhibitions and explains  the funny story about how he found out his artwork was so original. He recently sent a piece he had generated from his program for a show Barcelona. Josh sent the piece over on an illustrator file, and shortly after received a phone call from a very pissed off printer. When Josh asked the man what the problem was the man explained that every time the man tried to load Josh’s file it would crash the man’s computer. The man yelled at Josh asking him how was he supposed to print a piece that was made up of 170,000 layers in illustrator. The printer had tried to separate artwork that wasn’t even going to be printed, so Josh figured after about 5,000 clips in, the printer just shut down. Davis found this very entertaining and was very pleased with the fact that the work that he is creating cannot be reprinted.

To me this means it doesn’t matter how many people you please or how much money you are or not making at the end of the day if what your are doing does not make you happy change than change it so that it does. When things in your life aren’t working change them because that  is the only way to truly move forward. Most importantly do you, just because the people around have things working for them it does not mean they will work for you. Take inspiration and move forward with it but never be blinded by someone else’s accomplishments. I really learned a lot from studying  Josh Davis and his work he is extremely comical and a an extremely talented and accomplished artist , and I would strongly encourage anyone interested in pursuing art to research him.


bacardi by night

The image I’ve chosen is from the bacardi by night campaign. I feel the add encompasses a feeling that everyone at some point would love to feel sober or not. The feeling of being on top of the world. The concept that any average joe can have one night of luck and be a high roller and that bacardi is the ticket. The campaign all contains the common theme of implying their job into their personal life, a kind of as if my boss could only see me now appeal.

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